I am currently writing this as I am at work. If standing on hard marble floors for 6 hours doesn`t give you an accurate review, I`m not sure what will. Honestly I`ve been wanting these shoes for quite awhile now, however after having them and actually putting them on my foot I can promise you I wish I never bought them in the first place.
Never in my life have I ever worn a more uncomfortable and unpleasing pair of shoes. Yes, the colour looks good and I`m a die hard fan of Roger Vivier but which genius decided to include these stretchy elastic materials on the back of the heel? You would think that having an elastic on the back is a bonus, but let me assure you, it is such a nightmare. After just walking in them for 15 mins the first time, I had raw skin on the back of my heels. Just a mere 15 mins. I honestly couldn`t even wear them for my lunch date the next hour and had to go home and immediately take them off!
This whole post sounds like I`m completely trash talking these shoes, but for a $800 pair of shoes, shouldn`t they be more comfortable. My recurring issue is that designer shoes are so uncomfortable, I have yet to find a comfortable pair of designer shoes to wear to work. Its true that it`s expensive because of the brand and you`re really spending a ridiculous amount of money on the actual brand and not so much the actual comfortableness of the shoe.

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